Defeating crypto-racism

White nationalists often claim that they don’t want to kick out nonwhites from their countries out of hate, but out of love towards their own race. However, if other races didn’t pose a perceived threat to them, they wouldn’t feel compelled out of this alleged “love for their own race” to segregate themselves. If they didn’t think the influence of other races was a corrupting one, they’d be fine with it.

See also the way white nationalists often stereotype and denigrate non-white people.


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2 Responses to Defeating crypto-racism

  1. Charles Chalk says:

    Hey man.

    Don’t you think with the increase on black on white violent attacks (see Wisconsin fair etc.) that White Nationalists might have cause for concern?

    I think the WN ideology is bogus, but I must admit I share some of their concerns. I mean I know black people have had a tough time, slavery etc., but I see a total breakdown in law and order happening with white people increasingly victimized, and am not going to think “well a person with the same color skin as me did have slaves back in the day so fair enough”, I am going to think how can I protect my family from something which I consider to be racist attacks.

    That is all.

  2. sfhgs says:

    @Charles Chalk
    you are a very brianwashed and evil woman

    the blogger had valid points but you are too stupid to understand

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