Someone doesn’t know many languages

Erm… yeah.
I never knew that in a world with Basque and Pirahã, another Germanic language is among the hardest for speakers of a Germanic language. Huh.

(I am well aware this has nothing to do with anarchism.)


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3 Responses to Someone doesn’t know many languages

  1. Daniel says:

    I speak Danish and Swedish (and Japanese, English and German). I would say that Icelandic is hard to learn, even for people who speak closely related languages such as Danish or Norwegian. The grammar is very complicated, you see. No one knows what the “hardest language to learn” is, as that would be subjective, but Icelandic is indeed very hard because of the difference in grammar in comparison to other Germanic languages. I am impressed that he could learn enough to speak in such a short time (if it really is true).

  2. Daniel says:

    Sure, there are more complicated grammars. That doesn’t mean that Icelandic is easy, though. Not even for speakers of Germanic languages. What languages do you speak, BTW? What has been the hardest to learn? For me it has been Japanese. The grammar is complicated, but at least it is very regular.

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