Summary of my beliefs

While you can probably get something of an idea of my beliefs from my posts, I feel like systematizing them.

Economically, I’m an anarchist without adjectives. Anything anti-authoritarian and sustainable works. Community planning through consensus methods, a spontaneous gift economy, non-capitalist exchange-it’s all good.

I am very interested in post-civilization and have adopted the critique of the city into my anarchism. My ideal is a bioregional network of localized villages. Trade outside the bioregion would be very rare. I don’t know what level of technology there will be, but I do know that technology will be radically different from its current form.

I am quite interested in Daoism and accept the concept of the Dao. I’m reading the Dao De Ching and I plan on reading the Chuang Tsu.

I am an egoist, and ground my ethics in the deepest, most fulfilling long-term happiness of the individual.

I see knowledge as emerging from experience. The process is something like experience -> reason -> knowledge.

I oppose kyriarchy in all its detestable manifestations.

I find the subjective labor theory of value to be the most elegant and useful explanation of basic economic function in the field of value.

I believe in a bioregionally-informed permaculture, squatting, a free and cooperative underground economy, worker’s solidarity and the general practice of counter-institution building.

I do not see cities, sustainability, and scarcity as compatible, and believe that peak oil spells the end of our current system. I try to be optimistic, though, because it’s the perfect time to build the new society. I am comforted by the fact that given my circumstances, I manage to find happiness.

Above all, I am a philosopher, a freethinker, a bioregionalist and an anarchist.


About vaguelyhumanoid

Here you can see the assorted musings of a philosophically-inclined, theoretically eclectic anarchist. My blog: a grab bag of hopefully interesting rants, raves, and various other things.
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4 Responses to Summary of my beliefs

  1. Terra Agora says:

    No longer a market anarchist? D:

    • Read the part about my economic beliefs.

      I’m still supportive of mutualist markets, I just don’t emphasize them any more, plus I view an anarchist society as a lot economically messier, with all sorts of economic systems coexisting within an area.

      • Terra Agora says:

        I feel the same way. I see no use in anarchists arguing over which anarchist society is better because both would allow both systems. I do see use in arguing over which system is better.

  2. Ian Mayes says:

    I’m curious – what are your thoughts about Buddhism? I somewhat recently wrote up an article about Buddhist anarchism, and it is up on my blog now.

    I’d enjoy hearing too about your take on how Daoism and anarchism go together. Perhaps you can write a piece about that when you are done reading the Dao De Ching and Chuang Tsu?

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