The paradox of Christian fundie homophobia

One thing I’ve noticed in my observation of homophobic Christian fundamentalists is that there are two deeply conflicting narratives at the heart of their anti-gay rantings: “homosexual” (a category which, to them, seems to mean a sexually active homosexual or bisexual) as conspirator and “homosexual” as victim.

A great example of this is Chick Tracts: some of them portray gays as part of some vast conspiracy to “recruit” children and spread AIDS(!) to gain political favors, whereas others portray them as helpless victims of deception and abuse who must be “cured” of their “disorder”. Both narratives in Chick Tracts blame demonic possession. Fundie site and bastion of poor HTML  Jesus-is-savior doesn’t even make this pitiful attempt at justifying these hateful and contradictory doctrines. Even “mainstream” conservative Christian organizations fall prey to this: see Focus on the Family and their ilk.

I guess there’s something fitting about the most ardent followers of a self-contradicting “infallible” text coming up with blatantly contradictory ideas.



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