Some links

I guess this is a tribute to Charles Johnson and Kevin Carson, two fellow left-libs who are very fond of compiling links.

A Path: a site that writes some interesting stuff from a Pagan/Wiccan perspective, including a pretty nice article about gender. The “invest your vote” article has some nasty stuff, though, but you take what you can get.

A Division By Zero: a very well-written ancom blog with some novel things to say about libertarian socialism, ancap and feminism.

Two-Gun Mutualism and the Golden Rule: Shawn P. Wilbur’s excellent blog about property theory, historical scholarship, and other cool stuff. Check it out.

Arm Your Mind for Liberty: George Donnelly’s blog. A more conventionally propertarian market anarchist who can think outside the box of ancap dogma. Some nice criticisms of current state policy, too, even if he links to the awful Anarcho-Mercantilist site.

Urban Dissent: Royce Christian’s blog. A left-lib blog with a healthy concern for cultural issues, including anti-fa and post-colonialism. A hearty amount of Egypt and Libya coverage, and some impressive responses to drama in left-lib circles.

Mark Simpson: some great queer journalism and analysis.

Check Your Premises: Written by Francois Tremblay, probably the most hard-line libsoc to associate themself with mutualism in Cthulhu knows how long. Some quite admirable propaganda analysis and counter-apologetics.

Of course, there’s also Roderick Long, Kevin Carson, and Charles Johnson, and they’re all great, but I’m trying to focus on things just a little bit less constantly repped around here.


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Here you can see the assorted musings of a philosophically-inclined, theoretically eclectic anarchist. My blog: a grab bag of hopefully interesting rants, raves, and various other things.
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One Response to Some links

  1. Nikk J says:

    Great list of sites! I’m familiar with some of them, including George Donnelly and the great Francois Tremblay.

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