Beyond “consenting adults”

Amongst civil libertarians, one often hears the phrase “consenting adults”. This pisses me off, for the very reason that I advocate liberty.

“Consenting adults” is either redundant or repugnant. If one is trying to express that one has to be an “adult” to consent (these people never state what an “adult” is), then it is redundant. The only other possible meaning is that people who are not “adults” should be banned from having sex even if they can  fully consent. This often comes from statist paternalism. Both interpretations are quite ageist, and neither is at all libertarian.

We should stop talking about “consenting adults” and start talking about consenting people.


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One Response to Beyond “consenting adults”

  1. Lord Metroid says:

    I never thought about that but you are absolutely correct, thank you for pointing this out.

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