Empiricism & rationalism: bridging the gap

For my first post, I’d like to jump right in and discuss epistemology. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how to work rationalist ideas into empiricism.

Traditionally, there has been a dichotomy between empiricism and rationalism. However, the gap between these two epistemologies is not at all unbridgeable. In fact, rationalism & empiricism can be reconciled more easily then is commonly thought. Essentially, empiricism is true. We do not truly know anything outside of our experiences. However, reasonable deductions can be made from our experiences. For instance, things seem to behave in a relatively consistent, stable manner. This appears to be external to our perceptions, and claiming otherwise has no evidence and creates more problems then it solves.  It is thus a reasonable deduction to say that an external world exists. While we do not technically know this, we can deduce that it is the most sensible theory. Thus does reason emerge out of sense data.



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